Hematology Systems repair and maintenance service

Hematology Systems maintenance and repair servicesCOVUE offers a wide range of field and depot preventive maintenance and repair services for Hematology Systems. Our services are offered exclusively to manufacturers throughout global markets.

COVUE’s Authorized Service is more than an operational outsourcing solution; we are a total customer service provider. Our after-sales support is designed to take service out of your cost centre and into a profit centre. COVUE is actively engaged in providing direct end-user interface within the healthcare and life science markets. We not only understand the importance of customer service and product uptime, but the value of protecting your company’s brand. All services are designed to be scalable and transferable from outsource to in-house with minimal effort and without service interruption. Whether expanding into a new market, preparing for increased business in an existing market or reducing overhead, COVUE offers manufacturers’ ISO certified platforms for field –based and depot maintenance. Our highly trained field-based service teams are deployed throughout local markets to ensure rapid onsite response, while our depot and laboratories remain strategically placed to ensure low cost of service delivery.


Covue, North America

11838 Canon Blvd., Suite 500, Newport News, VA 23606 USA

Telephone: +1 724 602 2954

Email: info@covue.com

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Fax: +81-(0)6-6147-6469

Email: asia@covue.com

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US & Canada: +1 724 602 2954
Europe: 32 02 808 3573
Email : sales@covue.com

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