Planning to import your products to Japan

Leave your custom clearance to us when shipping to Japan. Whether you're a large company making regular shipments to Japan or an Amazon Japan seller wanting to expand your business, we can help. We are more than just a Japan Importer of Record IOR service provider.

Importing to Amazon Japan FBA

Importing products to FBA Japan comes with many regulations and documentation requirements at Japan customs.

Importing Electronics into Japan

Importing electronics into Japan can be confusing. Electronic imports are divided into 2 categories Regulated Electronics and Non-Regulated Electronics.

Importing Shelf-Stable Food Products into Japan

Japan law required the imported of record (IOR) to complete a food import application for every shipment. There is no blanket authorization for food import of any category.

Importing Food Apparatuses in Japan

A food apparatus is defined as any product the touches and food for liquid intended for human consumption.

Importing Baby products and Toys for Children Under 6 year of Age into Japan

Importing products for small children and infants into Japan is regulated by Japan MHLW. Only the JAPAN IOR may import these products.

Importing Cosmetics to Japan

Japan is one of the world’s largest cosmetics market. Bringing your cosmetic products to Japan can be challenging in regulatory compliance. COVUE can help you!

COVUE Post-sale Support Services

COVUE provides world class Pre-Market Entry and Post-Sale support solutions exclusively on behalf of corporations seeking access to Japan.

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