About Us V2

History and Culture

Like many of our clients, we started as a small venture.

From the beginning, our goal was to become a market leader by creating a special kind of company specifically built as a trusted and strategic partner to our customers. We set out to serve the business community by attracting exceptional people and building world-class capabilities. Today, many of the World’s top brands turn to COVUE for their Japan support.

Our Culture

Our commitment to our clients has been unwavering

Our approach is simple: partner with clients where we are confident our capabilities can make a significant impact. We understand our client’s needs and how critical the work we do plays a role in their success. Our team takes pride in our client performance ratings and the value we create through the results we deliver. As a team, we subscribe to values that make a difference in our relationships and the quality of our services.

COVUE provides World-class Pre-Market Entry and Post-Sale Support Solutions exclusively on behalf of corporations seeking access to Japan. Our services include; Regulatory Import & Sales Compliance for Electronics – PSE, Japan Radio, Cosmetics, Quasi Drugs, Consumer Care, Food, Food Apparatus and Medical Devices (Class 1 & 2), Importer of Record, Maintenance Support – Field and Depot service, Installation, Parts Management User Application Support, Technical Call Center Support (TAC), Customer Care and Inside Sales

Corporate Profile
Business name Covue Japan K.K
Business Address Third Floor, Pro Palace, 1-6-19 Azuchicho Chou-ku, Osaka-shi, 541-0052 Japan
Certifications ISO 9001:2015 Corporate
Regional Licences and Certifications ISO 9001:2015, 13485, PC 273, 29990
Medical Equipment Repair, Japan
Animal Health Device Repair, Japan
Dental Equipment Repair, Japan
Analytical Equipment Repair, Japan
Memberships Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association (JIRA)
American Medical Devices and Diagnostics Manufacturers’ Association (AMDD )
American Chamber of Commerce Japan (ACCJ)

Our Mission

Our Vision

Build accompany that is strong, well-managed, fast-growing, exciting and innovative with meaningful relationships, high business ethics, and an exceptional reputation-a company that offers great opportunities where people are proud to work and happy and excited.

Our Values

We are results oriented. We take pride in our client performance ratings and the value we create. Our approach is simple: partner with clients where we are certain our capabilities can have a significant impact. As a team, we subscribe to professional values we feel make a difference in our client relationships and the quality of our representation
Build Trust and respect

Be authentic, Lead by example. Communicate with transparency and integrity at all times. Take control. Be accountable.

Work Happily Together

Have a positive environment, Enjoy what you do, build relationships, Inspire others, Giveback, Limit employee turnover.

Culture of Professionalism

Serve Client first, Maintain and ensure highest quality standard.

Be Bold

Be different, Do more with less. Have passion for excellence.seek innovation, Stay open-minded. Do more with less. Be passionate.

Client First

Be a solution, Tailor Fit Client’s needs, Be creative in discovering ways to help our clients, provide unique experiences, add value, always over deliver

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