COVUE Product Label Generator Guide for Admin

How to process COVUE product labeling?

If costumers don’t have any Japan compliant label, they have the option to purchase COVUE Product Labeling Services

Log in to your account

Step 1. Go to product label request or click here

Step 2: Click the button View  to view the product label details

Step 3: View Product Label Details

Action Button for Product Label

 – if you want to download the product details. Once the button is clicked there will be an auto downloaded file of the product label details

 – click this button of the product label information is incorrect / incomplete and state the reason why it needs revision

 – if you want to go back to the product label list

How to Generate COVUE Product label?

Step 1. Open the downloaded file if the product details.

Step 2: Use Google Translate or any translator to easily translate English to Japanese.

Step 3: Download Product Label Template file here

Step 4: Paste the Japanese Translated Label to the file

Step 5. Save the file

Step 6: Besides the product label, click the upload button  and upload the Label

Step 7. The status will be changed to Label Generated. Meaning, the label has been created.

Step 8: View the file uploaded and check if needs to be revised

Step 9: If no revision, click approve to notify the customer that label generation has been completed