Importing Non-Regulated Products

All Japan imports require Importer of Record (IOR). COVUE IOR provides IOR Services for Importing Non-regulated products.

Importing non-regulated products require No Government agency approval. However, all non-regulated products require some compliance for importing.

Non-Regulated Products for Online Sellers: Japan customs requires Foreign Online Sellers to comply with import declaration and product labeling rules. COVUE IOR ensures Foreign Online Sellers are fully compliant before shipping.

Steps for Importing Non-Regulated products into Japan.
  1. Create an account and register your company on
  2. Register your products. All product must be registered and approved prior to shipping
  3. Create your Shipping Invoice using
  4. Contact the shipping company of your choice.
  5. Ship directly to your final destination.


Let COVUE’s regulatory experts help you to speed up the market entry process so can that you can focus on your business. We’re here to help! It’s what we do best.

At COVUE IOR, we seek to make the import process simple, compliant, and accessible to all sellers of all sizes. COVUE is not an ACP. COVUE is the direct IOR: we own our license and our compliance support is in-house. We trusted by 000’s of Sellers and Shipping providers.

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