Dedicated Technical Support

COVUE's dedicated technical support personnel are available exclusively to OEMs. Looking to augment your technical team or fully staff a department?  COVUE's dedicated support offers OEMs a cost effective solution without compromising IP intergrity or End-Customer relationship . 

Dedicated Onsite Operator Support

OEMs tasked with providing onsite operator support end-customers, can rely on COVUE's highly trained Scientific and Medical personnel to support any requirement. Contact your local COVUE representative to learn how COVUE Operator Support and help with your post-sale goals.

Dedicated Support Staffing for OEMs

COVUE offers the most extensive and cost effective Best-in-Class dedicated staffing solutions to OEMs in the industry. Our services provide OEMs with the resources needed to achieve their operational goals. When task with head count challenges, tight labor markets or the need for seasonal augment support,  COVUE's dedicated personnel deliver the expertise and professionalism OEMs have come to expect from COVUE. Our dedicated staffing are available for deployment in the field, OEM sites or for use at our facilities.

Dedicated Application Support

Application support is a critical element to the sales process. No one knows your product better than you. COVUE's dedicated Application Support personnel are assigned to a single OEM. Our highly trained scientists and medical professionals integrate seamlessly into your sales team. Contact COVUE to learn how dedicated Application Support and help grow your top line.

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