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Distributor Support Solutions for Manufacturers

Entering a market utilizing a distributor model has its benefits and risks. Consistency and Quality of post-sale maintenance support is one risk that should not be considered lightly. When post-sale support does not meet the OEM standard, it’s the brand that suffers. COVUE offers distributor friendly post-sale support solutions to OEMs. Our Best-in-class services are designed to be turn-key eliminating the burden to distributors while strengthening end-customer satisfaction.

Total Solution Support

COVUE provides a centralized, custom tailored and branded, post-sale support solution within the target market. The services are designed to be turn-key providing a single point of contact for, Product Staging (Bonded Warehouse), Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Applications Support and Customer Care, Maintenance (Field & Depot) and Service Agreement Inside Sales.  Our model establishes a hands-free a profit centre for both OEM and Distributor that ensures brand protection and end-customer satisfaction.