Ecommerce Services

E-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Rakuten are some of the most effective platforms to sell online in Japan, giving sellers access to great benefits such as:

Drive revenue and global growth for your brand by tackling one of the largest e-commerce market in the world!

COVUE offers e-commerce services to help you start your Japan Market Entry.

Amazon Services

As Amazon Japan increases its market share, you too can ride their wave to grow your brand.

We are a team of experienced sellers on Amazon Japan and we specialize in helping people sell on Amazon Japan. If you want to sell on Amazon Japan, or you’re already selling on Amazon Japan and want to improve your sales then we can help you.

Selling on Rakuten

Rakuten Ichiba is regarded as the most popular marketplace in Japan and one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world.

In Japanese ecommerce, online marketplaces dominate the landscape and Rakuten Ichiba is the colossus – nearly one-third of all ecommerce in Japan flows through Rakuten’s marketplace.

Rakuten Ichiba provides an open platform and a unique and highly personalized online shopping experience, with merchants at its core. The types of merchants selling on Rakuten include manufacturers, brands, retailers, and resellers.


We know that Japanese people love great products and we want to help them have access to fantastic products from around the world.
You put so much work into creating amazing products and we believe your reach shouldn’t be limited to local markets. We believe it should be easy for brands like you to sell your products in Japan without it being complicated, intimidating or time consuming.
That’s why we exist!
We’re here to help your brand grow and to make it easy for 127 million extra people to discover your products.