Importing CBD products such as CBD (*) oil (*) CBD is Cannabidiol.

General Overview & Disclosures

The following information provided corresponds to “cannabis” derived products (CBD from by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW).

Approval to import CBD is based on an individual request and not on a general import basis. It requires the submission of materials and a Pre-Import Approval Application. Pre-Import Approval from MHLW does not mean that you are fully approved. It only confirms that what you submitted is in compliance and free of THC. Each shipment will be inspected to ensure the that what you are actually importing is not “cannabis” and contains no THC.

After submitting a Pre-Authorization Import Application, it may be necessary to submit additional supporting documents to the MHLW, Customs before, during or after import. There is no formal or blanket approval for CBD products. Therefore, even if the MHLW replies that it your submitted Pre-Authorization Import Application and documents are acceptable and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is detected during inspection by customs or the MHLW at the time of import or domestic inspection, your import will be seized and, you may be subject to punishment under the Cannabis Control Law as if you imported “cannabis”.

Since the export of “Cannabis” is also prohibited, if THC is detected in your shipment, it cannot be returned to the partner country. Your shipment will be destroyed.

About regulation of Cannabis

What is “cannabis” in the Cannabis Control Law?

  • Cannabis refers to cannabis (Cannabis sativa el) and its products.
  • However, products such as mature stems of cannabis plants and fibers made from the stems (excluding resin) and cannabis seeds and their products are exempt from regulation.
  • In Japan, only cannabis handlers (cannabis growers and cannabis researchers) who are licensed by the prefectural governor may produce cannabis.

You will be punished if you do any of these actions.

Prohibited acts

  • Cannabis import/export, cultivation, possession, receiving/hand over, etc. are prohibited in principle.
  • There are severe penalties for violators.

About CBD products

  • CBD products extracted and produced from parts other than mature stems or seeds of cannabis (leaves, spikes, branches, roots, etc.) are “cannabis”.
    It should be noted that, whether extracted or manufactured from cannabis, tetrahedron is a component derived from cannabis.
  • CBD products containing (THC) cannot be imported as a general rule because it is not sure they are not certified as “cannabis”. In addition, chemically synthesized THC is regulated as “narcotics” by the Antipsychotics Control Law, so in principle it cannot be imported.
  • “Cannabis” can be imported only if the cannabis researcher has obtained permission from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • Drugs” can be imported only when a drug importer imports it with the permission of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

It is

  • Possible to be punished for import/export, possession, receiving/handing over of CBD products corresponding to “Cannabis”

There is a possibility:

  • Chemically synthesized CBD is not subject to regulation, but pre-approval from MHLW is required to confirm that it is not “cannabis” when you import.