IOR Company Registration Admin User Guide

How to check IOR Registered Customer

New Customer must pay IOR Registration Fee and Product Liability Insurance before they register their products.

Log in to your IOR account

Step 1: Click Users

Step 2: Check the status and see if customer is already registered.
1f not registered it means customer just created an account.

Step 3: Check actions for IOR Company Registration (this only applies if system does not automatically update the status)

Actions for IOR Company Registration

  1.    Edit button – use to edit company details and set the company as registered IOR
  2. Paid PLI – use to manually paid PLI
  3. Paid Label – use to manually paid Product Label
  4. . Delete User – use to delete company to IOR registration 

Reminder: Customer cannot change the Company Name and Business License Number. Only Admin can change.
Change of Company details is upon request.

How to change company details? 

  1. On users, click the “edit” action button

FAQs about IOR Company Registration

Q: Customer sent an email saying they already paid the IOR Registration but the status still says Not registered? How to check and do manual payment?

A: First you must check paypal to know if there is really a transaction happened. Please click here to know to check Paypal Transaction. After checking, choose the action buttons that applies to approval (Register IOR, PLI, Label)

For more questions about IOR Company Registration, send email to