IOR Online Manual Guide for NEW Users

This serves as a guide for COVUE’s NEW IOR Users

  1. Registration
  2. Dashboard
  3. User Profile
  4. Product Registration and labels
  5. Shipping Invoices
  6. Billing Invoices
  7. Helpful Links
  8. Terms and Condition / COVUE IOR Template

1a. Create an Account

Before you access COVUE’s IOR Online Platform, you need to create your account first.
To create your account,

Go to click this link and fill in the necessary details.
Note: Company name, a business license cannot be edited after the account has been created

1b. Registration

After you create your account, you must pay the IOR Registration fee and Product liability insurance for non-regulated products.
For regulated products, you must pay IOR Registration fee, Product Liability Insurance and the Import Application fee depends on the product category.

1c. Dashboard

After payment has been verified, you can now access the COVUE IOR Online Dashboard. All information are summarized in your dashboard.

  1. List of product Registration
  2. List of Shipping Invoice Requests
  3. List of Announcements
  4. Product Eligibility Check
  5. Transactional Invoices
  6. Helpful links – to get you guided on everything!

2. User Profile

User profile is a page where you can see all the details you have submitted for you account. You can change details on your user profile.

To edit, go to User profile and edit fields that you want to edit then click Update profile to save your edit.

3. Product Registration

Product Registration is a page for all the products and labels you have been registered. Remember to register all products and labels on IOR Online System before you create your shipping invoice and ship your products.

To register a product,

3.1 click “add product”
3.2 Fill in the details for your product registration – upload labels and images.
Japan Compliant label is required to upload. There are key elements for a Japan Compliant label. You can create your own or you can purchase our services which cost 4.95USD per label. Click here to purchase.
3.3 Submit and wait for approval
Note: All products for import must be registered. Product registration usually takes 24-48 hours.

To view all products registered, click product registration > product lists

To view all the product labels that you purchased, click product registration> Product labels list

4. Shipping Invoices

After products have been approved, the next step is to create your shipping invoice.
All IOR shipping invoices MUST be done on COVUE IOR Online Shipping Invoice Generator. Use of unauthorized, unapproved, and unmarked shipping invoices is prohibited and subject to penalty charge and account suspension.

To process your Shipping Invoice,

4.1 Click request shipping

4.2 Fill in the information for your shipping invoice. Note: Once the invoice has been approved, do not change your shipping company, products and prices listed. On the upload file, upload your supporting documents.
For FBA Users click here
For Non-FBA users, please provide a Foreign Online Seller Report
4.3 Click “Create Invoice”

4.4 Preview the invoice and check. Once the invoice has been approved, no details shall be changed
4.5 After preview, accept terms and condition to send for approval

4.6 Wait for approval
4.7 Pay shipping invoice

4.8 Generate approved shipping invoice

4.9 Download or send to your shipping company

5. Billing Invoice

Billing invoice is the collection of all your transaction with COVUE

Here you can find all the necessary links/documents to help you understand Japan Market and IOR.

7. Terms and condition

This page links you to the documented company registration under our IOR license.

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