IOR Shipping Invoice Generator Guide

We have made things easier for you! We have now launched our new IOR Shipping Invoice Generator. Be guided on our newest feature.

Log in to your account and to start with your IOR Shipping request.

Step 1: Shipping Company Name

Choose your shipping company. You can add or choose the shipping company. Remember: DO NOT USE DHL

Step 2: Supplier and Final Destination Details

Fill in the Supplier and the destination details. If the goods are not shipped from your company, add the supplier details. Final Destination details should be complete.

Step 3: Choose a country of Origin

Step 4: Product Details.

Select the products you are going to import.  All products must have the right name and description and must be registered. Please register your products here.

For foreign online sellers, ASIN is required.

Your declared price must be the exact online selling price

Step 5: Upload your Foreign Online Seller Account Report

FOSR is a combination of:

a. Profile page showing your company legal name and the online seller name. It is better to have the legal company name as your online seller name to avoid any complications

b. Product page showing your Product Price and Name. If currently unavailable, please provide the “Manage Inventory” page.

You need to combine both pdf files at

Step 6: Click Create Invoice – this will allow you to preview your current invoice creation

Step 7. Review all the details

Click the preview button to view your Invoice. You will see the preview file with not approved watermark. DO NOT USE NOT APPROVED AND UNPAID SHIPPING INVOICE. It may block your shipment.

Click the Submit for approval button if you want to submit your IOR Shipping Request. You must accept the terms and condition before you submit.

Click Save as a draft button if you want to save your IOR Shipping Request as a draft. You can edit it anytime.

Status of IOR Shipping request.

  1. Pending – your file is still reviewing by COVUE
  2. Needs Revision – You will receive a message about the things need to revise on your request.
  3. Approved – Invoice has been approved and accepted

Step 8. Pay your IOR Shipping Request.

Once the request has been approved, you need to pay your IOR Shipping Request to generate your Approved Shipping Invoice. Click the “pay now” to pay

Step 9. Generate the paid and approved Shipping Invoice

After payment has been received and verified, you will need to generate your approved shipping invoice file. Click Generate Approved Invoice. It will open a new tab showing your Approved Shipping Invoice. You can download or send directly to your shipping company

Step 10. Send Invoice file to Shipping Company or to any email address

After the invoice has been generated, you can now send the invoice to your shipping company or to any email address you wish to send just click Send Shipping Invoice. Fill in the details and send.

For more questions about IOR Invoice Generator, you may chat us on LiveChat or email