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COVUE provides turnkey Japan company set up solutions to foreign companies seeking to establish a legal entity in Japan.

Our service is designed to make the entire process safe, secure, and fully compliant. Our support does not end after setup. We provide ongoing support for company representation, import compliance, booking keeping, and tax compliance.

There are the 4 options for setting up a business in Japan:

Representative Office

A Representative Office does not require registration with the legal affairs bureau and tax forms.  It is only permitted to carry out functions such as market research, PR etc and no sales activities may be undertaken. It is not possible to open a bank account or sign a tenant agreement with this status.

Japan branch office

A branch office may engage in sales activities. This is often regarded as an easier option compared to setting up a Japanese incorporation.

Japanese subsidiary

This could be in the form of either a joint-stock corporation (KK) or a Godo Kaisha (LLC). The KK is the most prevalent form of entity and can enjoy credibility and a good social standing.  An LLC is less recognized but the number of such incorporations has been rising rapidly including adaptation by some of the large foreign companies eg Apple,  Walmart. Since the shareholders and managers of the companies are not separated in the case of an LLC, it has the benefit of having more management freedom eg sharing of profits. It is necessary to have at least one director who is resident in Japan to set up a KK.  For setting up an LLC, it is necessary to have a personal seal certificate of a representative member who has to be resident in Japan.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

An LLP is formed when two or more individuals/corporations conclude a limited liability partnership agreement, pay the investment as agreed and register at the legal affairs bureau.  At least one member of an LLP must be resident in Japan.  It is not possible to convert an LLP to a KK and nor does an LLP have the authority to be an applicant for licenses/approvals required in regulated business sectors.
Representative Director
Bank Account Setup
Annual Tax Reporting
Monthly Book Keeping for Japan Entity Transactions
Consumption Tax Reporting and Payment
Japan Customs Import Registration

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It can be difficult for foreign companies to establish themselves in the country without the assistance of a highly knowledgeable, professional business consulting firm.

With our expertise, experience, and resources, we are able to give full support at every step on the way to business incorporation in Japan.

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