Japan Importer of Record

Exporting products to Japan? You'll need an IOR - Importer of Record!

We will help! Let us handle your custom clearance!

Whether you’re a large company making regular shipments to Japan or Amazon FBA Japan seller or a Foreign Online Seller wanting to expand your business, we can help. We are more than just anJapan Importer of Record IOR service provider, we act as your visual subsidiary.

We provide independent control of distributors and end-customers. This avoids potential problems when assigning your distribution licenses to a distributor. We support the importer of record services for many products including Food, Cosmetics, Toys under 6 and Baby Products, Electronics, and Medical Devices (Class I-III).

Importing into Japan

There are two categories for Japan imports. 
Regulated Products
Form of government approval required.

Food apparatuses, food, children’s toys under 6 require import application and approval for each shipment.

Personal care and cosmetics require import application and approval for each product.
After approval, products can only be imported by Japan IOR.
Non-Regulated Products
Form of government approval NOT required.

Foreign online sellers in Japan are required to comply with import documentation regulations such as Foreign Online Seller Report.

The report will validate: importer’s company, Japan online account owner and selling price.
All imports require an IOR (Importer of Record).

Covue IOR Services

Product Import Application

These are the categories that needs import application every time you ship your products

Regulatory Product Approval

These products categories require approval prior to import and only IOR can import.

Supplemental Import Application

Importing Electronics

Any products that used A/C power (mains power) that user-accessible, lithium-ion battery requires PSE Supplemental Import Application.

For electronic products that have radio frequencies, emits radio wave, Bluetooth, wifi, collecting radio wave as a way of communication requires Japan Radio Certification.

Importing Non-Regulated Products

Importing Non-regulated products Requires No Government agency approval but must have supporting documentation requirements to support your import processing.

Some e-commerce platforms (ex. Amazon) require Seller’s to have an established Return Address for products that have been returned.

COVUE offers Online Sellers Return Address and After-Return Services that support any requirement

Our Services

Product Labeling

Japanese law requires labels for products in many categories. Generally, labeling for most imported products is not required at the customs clearance stage, but at the point of sale. Consequently, Japanese importers commonly affix a label to an imported product after it has cleared customs.

To ensure that a given product meets all applicable requirements and is properly labeled, the exporter should work with a Japanese agent or importer.

How can COVUE
IOR help?

COVUE is a trustworthy Japanese company that has import licenses for many product categories.

We have the only Online IOR system in Japan. We take attention to detail and compliance to the next level.

We permit our customers to import under our licenses. COVUE offers more than IOR. We operate with sales, repair, and compliance testing licenses for Japan. We guarantee full import compliance prior to import and after arrival.

Let COVUE’s regulatory experts help you to speed up the market entry process so can that you can focus on your business. We’re here to help! It’s what we do best!