Japan Importer of Record (IOR)


Export your products in Japan with no worries! We’ll help you! Leave your custom clearance to us when shipping to Japan.

Whether you’re a large company making regular shipments to Japan or an Amazon FBA Japan seller wanting to expand your business, we can help. We are more than just a Japan Importer of Record IOR service provider. We act as your virtual subsidiary, providing independent control of distributors and end-customer. This avoids potential problems when assigning your distribution licenses to a distributor. We capable of supporting the importer of record services for most products including Electronics and Medical Devices (Class I-III).

Importing into Japan

Japan imports are broken into two categories, Regulated products, and Non-Regulated products.

Regulate products require some form of government approval. For example, products such as food, food apparatus, and toys for children under six require an import application and approval for every shipment. While products such as personal care and cosmetics, require government agency approval for each product. After approval, the products can only be imported by the Japan IOR.

Non-Regulated products are exempt from agency regulation. However, foreign online sellers in Japan must comply to import documentation regulations including a Foreign Online Seller Report. This report validates the Importer’s company, Japan online account owner and selling price. To check your product’s import eligibility, click here.

All imports require an Importer of Record (IOR).


How does COVUE IOR work?

COVUE is not a typical Importer of Record (IOR) or ACP. We are a normal Japanese company with import licenses across most product categories. We permit our customers to import under our licenses. COVUE acts as the master distributor.

COVUE is more than an IOR. We operate with sales, repair, and compliance testing licenses for Japan. We ensure full import compliance prior to import and after arrival.


Steps for Importing Non-Regulated products to Japan using COVUE.

  1. Create an account and register your company on COVUE IOR online.
  2. Register your products. All product must be registered and approved prior to shipping
  3. Create your Shipping Invoice using COVUE IOR online
  4. Attach your FOSR documentation
  5. Contact the shipping company of your choice.



Got questions? We’re happy to help you. Contact us now!

Got questions? We’re happy to help you. Contact us now!

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