Importing Toys under 6 and Baby Products

Importing baby products and toys for children under the age of six is regulated by Japan MHLW (Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare).

A Japan IOR (Importer of Record) is required for all imports. COVUE IOR provides IOR services for Toys under 6 and Baby products.

To distribute and sell toys for all children under the age of 6 years in Japan, manufacturers must demonstrate that they are compliant with the  Japan Toy Safety Standard (ST Standard).

Japan Customs requires a Toy Import Application for every shipment and pre-import approval from Japan MHLW. Toy Import Applications can only be made for one (1) manufacturer. There is no limit to the number of products that can be added to the application for that manufacturer.

WHY Choose COVUE over other IORs’?

COVUE IOR only charges for the first (1st) application. After the first (1st) application, only the IOR Shipping Fees will be charged. The Toy Import Application will be replicated within your COVUE IOR account. However, there can be no changes to the products. Only the quantities and destination may be changed. The average time for import approval from MHLW is 45-60 days.

Steps for importing Baby products and Toys for Children Under 6 year of Age:
  1. Register COVUE as your IOR
  2. Submit product material and manufacture information to MHLW for pre-application approval
  3. Submit products to local MHLW lab for product testing
  4. Create a certified product label for each product
  5. Start Japan Food Apparatus Import Application
  6. Receive approval for import

Importing Toys into Japan? Want to know if your products are subject to Japan Toy and Baby Products Import regulations?

Importing Toys under the age of 6 and Baby Products requires attention to detail and full compliance with Japan import regulations. COVUE is the direct IOR. We own our licenses and our compliance teams are in-house. We have the only Online IOR system in Japan. We take attention to detail and compliance to the next level.

Let COVUE’s regulatory experts help you to speed up the market entry process so can that you can focus on your business. We’re here to help!

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