Importing to Amazon Japan FBA

Amazon Japan FBA IOR

Thinking about selling on Amazon Japan? Why wouldn’t you?

Japan is one of Amazon’s fastest-growing markets. Japan can boast of having the third-largest economy, the world’s most populist city, Tokyo, which also claims the largest metropolitan GDP. This, combined with a robust consumer spending market, makes Japan an attractive opportunity for Amazon sellers.

COVUE provides turnkey business solutions to foreign sellers using Amazon Japan to make the entry process simple and affordable.

Amazon Japan FBA IOR

Importing to Amazon Japan FBA

Importing products to FBA Japan comes with many regulations and documentation requirements at Japan customs. All imports require an Importer of Record (IOR). If you are a foreign online seller account holder selling in Japan, the import documentation process can be challenging and confusing. COVUE IOR helps to simplify the process for Japanese online sellers.

COVUE IOR provides the only online Japan IOR platform to help you control your import process and documentation while protecting your product distribution rights in Japan. COVUE is also the only IOR to combine regulatory and IOR into one platform across most product categories.

Steps for Importing Non-Regulated products to FBA Japan using COVUE.
  1. Create an account and register your company on COVUE IOR online.
  2. Register your products. All product must be registered and approved prior to shipping
  3. Create your Shipping Invoice using COVUE IOR online
  4. Attach your FOSR documentation
  5. Contact the shipping company of your choice

COVUE’s Importer of Record (IOR) allows Amazon sellers a safe, low-cost alternative services.

Regulatory Compliance

COVUE’s comprehensive Regulatory Compliance services make the application process easy to navigate.


COVUE Translations Services bring natural and accurate translations to increase purchases.

FBA & 3PL Staging

COVUE’s warehousing services provide a cost effective solution for staging product for your FBA & 3PL.

Amazon requires Sellers to have an established return address for products that have been returned. COVUE offers online sellers return address and after-return Services that support any requirement.

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At COVUE IOR, we seek to make the import process simple, compliant, and accessible to Online Sellers of all sizes.

COVUE is the direct IOR: we own our license and our compliance support is in-house. We trusted by 000’s of Sellers and Shipping providers

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