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Distributor Identification and Set Up Solutions for OEMS

Entering a new market can be challenging. Identification of potential distributors, following up on leads from Expos and navigating the local culture and language can seem daunting and time consuming. COVUE offers OEMs proactive telemarketing services designed to quickly identify potential distributors. Our robust services go beyond a traditional the Call Centre by actively advancing the conversation vetting distributors and their abilities to promote and sell our client’s products.   
Exceeding Expectations

COVUE’s telemarketing services are highly skilled and educated within our markets. We specialize in the Life Science, Scientific, Medical, Dental and Veterinary industries. What’s more, COVUE is actively engaged in the support of OEMS across the entire Post-Sale function. From Product Staging, Installation, Applications Support, Repair & Maintenance, Customer Care, Inside Sales to Order Fulfillment, we have you covered. These turn-key functions give our Telemarketing Teams an advance perspective over our competition resulting faster onboarding.