IP Protection

At COVUE, we understand the importance of protecting our client's intellectual property (IP). Our OEM Services operate under an robust security program designed to protect your IP against compromise from outside threats while minimize internal operations cross exposure. COVUE services are ideal for Black Box devices where controlled access depot and field support requires high security.

There are many options, including outsourcing, available to OEMS when considering post-sales support. Most outsourcing solutions come with some form of risk or conflict of interest. At COVUE, we are focused on one thing only, post-sale support exclusively on behalf of OEMs, and we do it right. Our ISO certified and government licensed services provide Best-In-Class support exclusively on behalf of OEMs, delivered by our employees and operated under our subsidiaries. We don't engage in activities the could present a conflict of interest or detract us from our core services.

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Outsourcing Equipment Maintenance Services for Manufacturers