Product Registration User Guide for Admin

Our rules have changed. All new products registered by new companies (Customer ID 106 onwards) are now required to have a Product label on each.

How to check Products for Approval?

Log in to your account

Step 1: Click the Product Registration

Step 2: Check the status “pending” to see the products that need approval

Step 3: Click view file to view Product Image and Product label

Action buttons for Product Registration

  • . Edit – Click Edit to view and edit the product information
  • . Approved– product is non-regulated with the correct name, image, and label, which means the product is approved and no other regulatory required.
  • . Decline – The product is regulated and requires a regulatory process.
  • . Needs Revision – product details are incomplete, needs revision.

The key points to check for Product Registration

  1. Product Name – Name must be completed (example: colors, size, shape) and must match the image uploaded.
  2. Product Image – The image must be clear and match with the product name
  3. Product label – Admin must check if the label is Japan Compliant.

How to know if the product label is Japan Compliant? 
These are key elements for a product label.

  1. Product Name
  2. Seller Name and Address
  3. IOR Information
  4. Country of Origin
  5. Expiration Date : (optional)

Admin has the right to reject the product label if it doesn’t comply with our label standard. Please see the image below for the non-regulated product label.

If customers don’t have a product label, COVUE can offer COVUE Product Labeling Services.

Product Label and Registration FAQs

Q: What should the admin say if the product label is not accepted?


Your product is non-regulated but the label uploaded is not a Japan Compliant label. Please click this link to view the sample Non-Regulated product. If you don’t have a product label, COVUE offers  Japan Product Label Services. Click here to know more.



Q: What to say if the product is not accepted? 


Your product is under (please state the regulatory requirement) and needs (please state the regulated application that applies with the product). The product mentioned cannot be imported without the license. If you wish to know more about the application, please send an email to

Q: What to say if the product name is incorrect/incomplete or the product image doesn’t match with the name?


Your product name must match your product image. Please revise with the correct file/information.

For more questions about Product Label and registration, send email to