Shipping Invoice Approval Process Guide for Admin

Step 1: Go to click shipping invoices

Step 2: Click Pending

Step 3: Click view file to see invoice generated

Step 4: On the invoice, check if declared prices matched the online price on the customer’s FOSR.

Actions for IOR Shipping request

  1.  Blue Button means approved and accepted. The shipping invoice and Amazon Seller report are all correct
  2.  Yellow Button means means disapproved and needs revision. When clicked, you need to tell the reason why you disapproved of the shipment. And tell me what needs to revise.
  3. Paid button – if happens that system did not determine the shipment has been paid. You can click the paid button to notify the customer that payment has been received. Click here to know how to check if we received a PayPal transaction
  4.  Green button means the shipment is complete. That we already receive the customs report. When clicked there is a pop-up box, you need to upload the custom report.

Key Elements in checking Shipping Invoice.

1. Normal Shipping Invoice

  1. FOSR – Foreign Online Seller Report – is the report for all online sellers that are importing products to Japan. FOSR must have the following
  • Profile Page – The profile page must show the company name. If the Seller account name is different from the Company name, the customer must present the legal entity page showing the Legal Company Name
  • Product Page – The product page must show the Product ASIN (if Amazon Seller) and Online Selling Price. If the product is currently unavailable, the customer must send the Manage Inventory page.

2. Product Price – Online Selling Price must match the declared price on the invoice.

2. FBA Invoice

  1. Company Name must be the same as the shipper
  2. Final Destination must have complete details
  3. COVUE IOR Information
  4. Incoterms must be DDP
  5. Country of Origin
  6. Total Shipment value should be the Online Declared selling price x quantity.

6. Product Price – Online Selling Price must match the Declare price on the invoice. (please refer to #2 of the normal shipping invoice)

7. FBA Simulator – each product must have FBA Simulator Page. Details must match with the FOSR.

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