IOR Registration

IOR Registration

IOR fees are for Pre-Shipment. We do not cover IOR for good being held in Japan customs

Foreign Online Sellers
Importing your products to support your Japan online sales can be challenging.
If you do not have a Japanese registered company and, you are selling products using an online platform such as AMAZON or Rakuten in Japan, you are considered a Foreign Online Seller.
Japan requires Foreign Online Sellers to comply with all import and tax regulations.
When importing products to sell from your Japan online account or website, Foreign Online Sellers must make the declared value on their shipping/commercial invoice the same as their online selling price. A copy of your Online Seller Account Report showing the sales price for each item is required to be submitted with your shipping documents. Know more here

To clarify, COVUE is NOT a customs broker or freight forwarder. We operate as a Master IOR / Distributor for the Exporter (not for a shipping company). We accept DDP shipments only.

Before registering, we need to confirm we can import your products under our license. We ask that you provide us detailed information of each product including image.

One-time Registration Fee: 78.75 USD.

This is a one-time fee to register your company under our import license. This registration does not expire.
Please send the product list, description, HS CODE and photo. We need to confirm no restrictions from Japan Customs.

After registration, only the IOR Fees below apply.

IOR Fees (Per Shipment)Fees
Under 500,000 JPY in value 26.25USD
Under 1,000,000 JPY in value36.75USD
Under 2,500,000 JPY in value47.25USD
Under 5,000,000 JPY in value57.25USD
Under 10,000,000 JPY in value99.75USD

*Pricing above is only for non-regulated products

Sample computation:

****We accept DDP shipments only *****

When payment is received, we will register your company under our license.
This process takes 2 hours during normal business days (Monday – Friday 09:00-17:30 Japan Time)
When complete, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions for shipping.

Download file here as your guide on our IOR Online System.